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2015 Meme                   

White Rhone Blend

60% Grenache Blanc and 40% Picpoul blend.

Dedicated to my French mother, whom the family affectionately calls “Meme”, this wine exudes all of the characteristics that embody her spirit: Bright, classy, loving, fair, gracious, generous, affectionate and simply brilliant, just to name a few. The White Lily (front label) is her favorite flower. She fell in love with them in the flower shops in France where she grew up, then was drawn by them even more when she discovered them growing in the wild on the Monterey Peninsula when she first arrived to Carmel in the 50’s.

Meme has been my rock in my life, always there and always at my side. What successes I’ve had are due to her unwaivering support and love. For this, Clampett Cellars dedicates their First White to the First Lady of the Family, Meme!

This wine was aged in stainless steel to allow the varietal fruit flavors to take center stage and to create a clean and refreshing crispness.   Grapefruit predominates with pear and green apple playing supporting roles.  The color is a brilliant yellow straw.   We made this wine using old world processes with only course filtering done at bottling time.  Because of this, a few tartaric acid crystals have dropped out of solution and settled to the bottom of the bottle.  Although visible, these crystals are harmless and tasteless.  Pour this wine carefully to keep the crystals settled.


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